Thank you for visiting our website, we are very happy you found us because WE LOVE SUSHI and we have a great sushi company and offering.

Our philosophy:
We make great, authentic sushi, we value the people we work with every-day, and we take food quality and safety seriously.

Our mission:
Our mission is to serve the best possible sushi in partnership with leading foodservice operations.
The majority of our clients are university and corporate dining programs and healthcare facilities.

Our Team:
We are foodies, and we love sushi. Our team is primarily Japanese and Japanese-trained chefs who have trained in the art of sushi preparation both in Japan and the US and have a combined 45 years of experience as sushi chefs; WE KNOW SUSHI!

Website to undergo construction, incorporating our new focus:

    Sushi, the healthy lifestyle.
  • Benefits of sushi,
  • our new healthy product line,
  • healthier alternative ingredients
  • and nutrition facts